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When Mediation Is The Right Path To Your Family Law Solution

Emotions and stakes can run high as you approach a divorce or navigate a child custody dispute. On one hand, you understandably want to fight to protect your property and parental rights. On the other hand, you may prefer for family matters to remain private.

Traditional courtroom litigation will allow you to fight for your rights – but at what cost? Any evidence you present in court is likely to be on public record. For many people engaged in family law problems, mediation offers the best of both worlds – a chance to make well-backed arguments methodically and under the guidance of legal professionals, along with an opportunity to keep personal family issues private. At Everett Family Law, we offer mediation services to our own clients as well as to people represented by lawyers at other firms.

What We Can Offer Through Family Law Mediation

In divorce mediation or any other type of family law mediation, you and your opponent (your spouse or ex-spouse, for example) will meet with a neutral mediator. Each of you may have your own attorney advising you through mediation sessions, too. All participants can agree on a workable schedule, rather than having to adhere to a strict court calendar.

Attorney Mike Everett at our firm has helped many clients resolve challenging family law problems through mediation over the years. As there are few family law mediators in the Grandview and Tri-Cities area, Everett Family Law is likely to remain a desirable resource for people in our region.

In preparing and advising you for family law mediation, we will help you zero in on the areas of conflict that are most important to you to resolve, such as:

  • Property division and spousal support
  • Division of assets after the end of a committed intimate relationship (domestic partnership)
  • Child custody and support
  • Special areas of negotiation for which you seek definitive agreements, such as support for young adult children’s therapy, health insurance, college tuition or other needs

Besides advising spouses, ex-spouses and parents, we also advise grandparents and other people involved in family law issues.

Speak With A Respected, Experienced Family Law Attorney And Mediator

Get an understanding of what family law mediation can accomplish for you and your children. Discuss how to get ready and what you can expect after reaching a settlement agreement through mediation or any other way.

Call us at 866-689-6251 or complete an online inquiry form to get ready for family law mediation – and the solutions that you need. Explore family law mediation options by contacting our 24/7 assistance line at 509-279-0381. We offer help in English and Spanish.

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