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DUI Convictions Can Hurt Your Bank Account And Your Future

You might be surprised by the various ways a driving under the influence (DUI) charge can affect your life. Not only do you risk losing your license, but you may also receive hefty fines and even jail time. These consequences will depend on the details of your incident. For effective drunk driving defense, contact a lawyer with extensive criminal defense knowledge.

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We Have The Experience Necessary To Protect You

The true cost of a drunk driving charge can be several thousand dollars. While you may be thinking of avoiding representation because of legal fees, hiring a lawyer can help you minimize the penalties including the accumulation of fines, court costs, insurance costs and other fees.

Additionally, a lawyer can fight to have the charges dropped altogether, which will help your record and keep you from potential jail time. We fight a DUI charge by requesting examinations of police equipment for malfunctions as well as by investigating whether your rights were violated.

On top of the fines and potentially permanent implications of a DUI charge are the consequences to your professional life. You may have a job that requires you to travel, or you might live far enough from your workplace that public transportation is not an option. Our attorneys will do our utmost to safeguard your future from lost wages or a lost career.

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