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We Can Help You With Your Child Custody Issues

Don’t confuse urban myth with the law. Let us use our knowledge of the law to help protect your parental rights. There are many myths surrounding custody determinations. Some people think that once a child turns 12, they can decide where they want to live.

This is one of the single most pervasive myths and has been for years. The truth is that no child can make a decision about where they want to live, regardless of their age.

Everett Family Law is an experienced law firm that handles all issues involving custody, visitation and parenting time. We will give you the counsel and advice you need and legal representation to protect your rights and children.

Modifications And Enforcement Of Your Child Custody Or Child Support Order

Our firm provides clear information so you can understand child custody laws in Washington and how various circumstances may affect your case.

Some actions could put your custody rights at risk. We will fight aggressively to get your desired results in a custody dispute.

We are experienced in cases involving:

  • Child custody
  • Parenting time and visitation
  • Modifications
  • Enforcement
  • Relocation and moving

Are You Planning To Move Across Or Out Of State?

Even after a custody order is established, you may be in a situation that requires a review or modification of that order.

If you are planning a long distance move or plan to move out of Washington, you must get court approval to relocate with your child. If a change in circumstances makes the order untenable or impractical, the court is likely to grant a modification.

Serving southeastern Washington, our lawyers can help you seek a modification for a relocation, move-away or job change or to address the child’s needs. We can also help you defend against a modification or see that an original order is enforced.

We represent clients throughout central Washington, including Yakima and the Tri-Cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. Call our office in Kennewick at 866-689-6251. For guidance on child custody matters, call our 24/7 legal assistance hotline at 509-279-0381—help is available in both English and Spanish. You may also schedule a confidential consultation by emailing us.