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Trusted Advocacy When You Are Contending With A Divorce

Making the decision to divorce usually comes after years of struggle. You may have tried counseling or other ways to make your marriage work, but now that it’s time for divorce, you need to protect your rights with an experienced advocate you can trust.

Everett Family Law is a law firm focused on providing each distinct client with personal attention to protect their investments, property, children and their rights at the time of divorce. We can help you if you were or are serving in the military.

We have worked extensively in the central Washington courts that service Kennewick, Richland and Pasco. We are equally familiar with and practice in the Yakima County Superior Court.

We Have Extensive Experience With Mediation And Washington Family Courts

In Washington, spouses or domestic partners filing for divorce or legal separation are required to participate in mediation.

During mediation we will work to negotiate a beneficial agreement on your behalf. If it is impossible to achieve your goals in mediation, we will aggressively represent your case in court for your optimal outcome.

When necessary, we will work with experts like accountants and financial planners who can assist in protecting your rights and investments.

We are experienced in managing disputes, settlement conferences and the division of property, including:

  • Division of assets
  • Retirement funds
  • Family business
  • Savings accounts
  • Real estate
  • Spousal maintenance

At Everett Family Law in Kennewick, we help you determine the best course of action to shape your financial security and property holdings after your divorce.

Dedicated To Achieving The Best Outcome For You And Your Children

Cases involving children are complex and require strategy, attention and dedicated advocacy to achieve the most fitting results. We are well-versed in cases involving:

  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Parentage
  • Visitation rights
  • Fathers’ rights

As your attorneys, we personally understand the emotional grief you are working through in addition to dealing with the legal aspects of your divorce. Our goal is to provide respectful advocacy as we help you move forward to the next chapter of your life.

Take the first step today and email us for a consultation. Call our office at 866-689-6251. Navigate your divorce with confidence by reaching out to our 24/7 legal support line at 509-279-0381, available in English and Spanish for your convenience. We provide divorce advocacy for clients throughout central Washington, including Yakima and the Tri-Cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland.

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