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We Can Help You Efficiently Resolve Your Child Support Matters

Each parent is responsible for providing support to their child. The court provides established guidelines for determining the amount of child support a child has the right to receive. Child support calculations take into consideration the income of both parties, the standard of living during the marriage and any special needs the child may have. Whether you are looking to collect child support for your child or you want to prevent unmanageable child support payment obligations, we can protect your rights.

Everett Family Law provides clients in central Washington with legal assistance focused on the best interests of the child, while helping clients protect their rights to child support or preventing against unfair obligations.

Child Support Enforcement And Modifications

If you are looking to collect child support, it is important to work with an experienced advocate. Calculations can be complicated and require a detail-oriented assessment of your financial situation.

Child support can also be affected by custody arrangements and can have tax consequences. Our attorneys understand the number of issues related to child support and have the insight for acute protection of your rights and interests. We provide legal representation for cases involving:

  • Divorce and original orders
  • Modifications of support orders
  • Enforcement of support
  • Paternity and support

What Happens If I Cannot Afford Child Support?

The family court in Washington considers child support a mandatory obligation. Many people feel they are unable to afford child support. The courts will always put the children first and usually do not consider a parent’s lifestyle when accounting for child support.

If you have had an injury, job loss or other situation that affects your income or ability to make payments, you may be able to get a modification.

If you owe back child support, it is important to seek counsel as soon as possible to prevent criminal charges and even potential jail time.

For more information about the services offered at Everett Family Law, call us in Kennewick at 866-689-6251. Questions about child support? Our 24/7 hotline at 509-279-0381 provides answers in English and Spanish. You may also contact our lawyers by email to schedule a consultation. We provide child support advocacy for our clients throughout central Washington, including Yakima and the Tri-Cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland.

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