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Understanding Your Rights During And After A Domestic Partnership (Registered Or Not)

If you and your significant other have been living in a marriage-like relationship in Washington, you may want and need to clarify your legal rights and obligations with regard to property, debts, children and other joint concerns.

You may have heard, correctly, that our state does not recognize common-law marriages unless they have already been recognized in other states. You may know that after one of you is 62 years old, you can register your domestic partnership with the state. Otherwise, legal aspects of committed intimate relationships (CIR) depend on individual circumstances and are determined as needed.

Whether you intend to begin, continue or terminate a CIR, you owe it to yourself to know where you stand and how to build for the future. If you are about to split or have already separated, your need for legal advice may be critical if you and your partner have children in common and/or intermingled assets and/or debts. At Everett Family Law, we provide tailor-made legal counsel for family law situations, even those that have not been strictly legally defined.

Clarify Your Rights And Protect Your Future Stability

Do you expect to keep living together and presenting yourselves in your community as if you were married? Or are you trying to determine how to untangle yourself as the relationship is winding down? Our attorneys are ready to help you sort out your situation, protect your property rights and move on with your life confidently. We can help you interpret and apply the legal protections that Washington may provide to an unmarried couple on a case-by-case basis.

The nature and consequences of your CIR can have a long-term impact on your financial security and social status. If you are separating, are you free to walk away with no further involvement? Might your former domestic partnership owe you financial support or a portion of proceeds from the sale of a house? The list of legal questions and problems that come up between unmarried people who are cohabiting or separated goes on and on. The best way to put your mind at ease is to get reliable counsel and advocacy to suit your situation.

Get The Answers And Help That You Deserve

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