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A Cost-Effective Approach To A Fair Property Division

Divorce comes with many challenges. Property division can be one of the more stressful stages when separating from a spouse. If you are not careful, you could lose assets which are vital to the long-term security of your finances. A lawyer with experience in family law can make a big difference in the execution of your property division.

At Everett Law Offices, we have helped clients through divorce matters for over 40 years. Our father-son team provides cost-effective solutions and dedicated representation. Our services extend throughout Central Washington and surrounding communities, including Grandview and Yakima.

We Aim To Put Your Interests First

Washington is a community property state. This means that many assets considered to be marital property tend to be split equally. However, there are other assets that do not count as community property, such as inheritances and gifts. If you are concerned about losing property that is rightfully yours, we can fight for you.

We will examine all necessary details of your marriage and marital property to see that the division is fair and serves your best interests. What’s more, our efforts to provide efficient representation often make for a cost-effective resolution. With Everett Law Offices at the helm, you can protect your assets at a minimal cost.

Connect With Our Lawyers

Do not lose what belongs to you. When you are going through a divorce, our attorneys will fight for your property. To schedule a confidential consultation, call us at 866-689-6251 or use our online form.