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What should your parenting plan contain? 

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Divorce

When necessary, the family courts in Washington will rule on custody matters based on the best interests of the child. However, it’s unlikely that they will be as attuned to what these are like you and your spouse. 

Thus, if possible, it can help if you and your co-parenting can come up with a parenting plan together. What should your parenting plan include? 

A workable parenting schedule 

Between the two of you, you and your co-parent need to decide which days you can look after the child. It’s important that any agreement is equitable, practical and in the best interests of the child.

Generally, the more stability that can be offered the better. Children tend to cope better with a divorce once a new routine can be established. If your schedule doesn’t work, you run the risk of unsettling the children further. 

The best way to communicate 

You and your partner don’t get on well face-to-face anymore. Fortunately, thanks to technology, this can be kept to a minimum. Through messaging apps and other services, you can find the form of communication that works best for you.

While you may no longer get along, you are going to need to communicate amicably at certain times while your child matures. Keeping conflict to a minimum will give your child the best possible chance of thriving post-divorce. 

Managing the big decisions 

Ultimately, you and your co-parent will need to find a way to manage the big decisions around your child’s upbringing. Organization and communication are the keys to a successful parenting plan.

If you’re having difficulties with your current custody arrangement, then it may benefit you to contact someone who is familiar with family law in the state of Washington.