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When is it time to change a child custody schedule? 6 reasons 

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Child Custody

A child custody schedule allows divorced parents to retain some control over how their children are raised. A custody schedule does not always work and parents may request a court to make changes.

Making changes to a custody schedule isn’t always easy, but the reason for a change may help the process. Here are several reasons parents request modified child custody schedules

1. When one parent is planning to move

A parent may be moving because they found better job opportunities or they are moving closer to family. As a result, it may be harder for them to keep up with the child custody schedule. If the move would create hardship for children, parents may consider updating a custody schedule to accommodate the move.

2. When a child has new needs

Children can develop medical illnesses. This may cause parents to attend to their children’s medical needs around the clock. As a result, a child custody schedule may need to be changed so one parent can take on more responsibility for their child.

3. When a parent’s work or school causes an overlap 

Parents can’t always control how their jobs or school schedule their time. A new work or school schedule may overlap with a custody schedule. A parent may request a change in the custody schedule so they can continue their obligations and responsibilities. 

4. When a parent has developed an addiction

Unfortunately, some parents don’t handle a divorce well, which may lead to addiction. If a parent’s addiction affects a child’s well-being, the other parent may request a new custody arrangement so the other parent has limited custody hours.

5. When a parent is unable to follow a schedule 

It can be hard to adapt to a custody schedule. A parent may repeatedly fail to follow the arrangement of a custody schedule. The other parent may ask to have a custody schedule changed to make it easier for the other parent or to take on more custody outs.

6. When both parents agree to a change

Some parents can agree together that a custody schedule isn’t working. Parents may ask to have a custody schedule adapted to their changing needs. 

As always, it’s wisest to have experienced legal guidance with all changes to a custody and visitation plan.