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3 tips for telling your children about your divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Child Custody

The decision to divorce is one that adults usually discuss alone. Once it’s determined that ending the marriage is the best course of action, they must tell the children. This is an emotionally charged conversation because the kids have probably only known a life with their parents together. 

Parents should go into this conversation with a clear plan to provide the children with accurate information without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Consider these points when you’re planning how to tell the children about your divorce

1. Choose an unrushed time

One of the worst things you can do to the children is to tell them this life-changing news when rushed. Ideally, you’ll let them know when they have some time off school and will have time to process this information. Choose somewhere quiet and take things slowly.

2. Tell them as a team

You and your ex should tell them about the divorce together if possible. This gives them a chance to see their parents will remain a team. It’s also a way that both parents can ensure they know exactly what’s being told the children about the divorce. Consider discussing the parenting time schedule and similar points so you can give the kids this information in an age-appropriate manner. 

3. Prepare for questions

Most children will have questions when they find out that their parents are divorcing. You and your ex should be prepared to answer these questions in an age-appropriate manner. It’s essential to be completely honest when you answer these questions. Your kids don’t need to get their hopes up about how the new situation will be handled.

Remember, the children’s best interests are always the priority in custody matters. It’s typically best if the parents can work together to make decisions for the kids.