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3 tips for living with your spouse during your divorce

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is unique – not everyone goes through the same steps, including moving out. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can agree to remain in the family home during the divorce process. Nonetheless, you need to be strategic for this to work.

The following are three tips to use when living with your spouse during your divorce:

Have a timeline

You and your spouse should have a timeline in which you can live together – this can be the period you estimate the divorce will last. Of course, some factors can delay your divorce. But whether this happens or not, one of you should move out after the agreed period ends. Living together indefinitely or with one believing this may be a permanent situation can lead to misunderstandings.

When the court issues its order, you will respond accordingly. For instance, if it gives the family home to the party that moved out, they can return. 

Move to a different part of the house

After filing for divorce and deciding you will both stay in the family home, it will be best to operate from different bedrooms or parts. If it’s a big house, you may not even run into each other as much.  

Set boundaries

You and your future ex-spouse should set boundaries to guide your living situation. For instance, you may decide one may not go into the other’s bedroom without permission. You should also agree on how you will share rooms respectfully. Setting boundaries can save you from conflicts, which can significantly affect your divorce. 

If you and your spouse want to live together before the divorce is final, the above-discussed tips should help you. It can also help to get legal guidance to protect your interests.