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Prepare for summertime child custody now

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Child Custody

Summer vacation is right around the corner, which means that parents need to start planning for their children’s school break. This situation becomes inherently more complex for divorced parents because the parenting time arrangement may need to change. 

There are a few things that might make planning for the summer a bit easier. Consider these points as you’re working with your ex to get things ready:

Review the parenting plan

The parenting plan should contain a schedule for school breaks. It may also have other terms that could be important during the summer months. This includes things like geographical restrictions or notification requirements if you plan to travel with the children. Brushing up on these points is important since it can dictate what happens during the summer.

Schedule vacations early

Schedule any travel you’re planning as soon as possible. Vacation schedules may trump regular parenting time schedules, so it’s best to let your co-parent know ahead of time if any changes are necessary. Ideally, both parents will respect the other parent’s time and plan vacations so they don’t take away time from the other parent. 

Remain open to adjustments

Plans may change often during the summer. Both co-parents should be willing to make adjustments as necessary to accommodate the children’s needs. Schedule changes may be required sometimes. Communication is another area that might require adjustments so the children can speak to their other parent while they’re on vacation. 

Having a plan for summer break outlined in writing in the parenting plan is beneficial for everyone. It’s crucial that the child’s best interests are always put first, so be sure you think carefully about how your decisions impact them.