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How to keep arguments with your co-parents to a minimum

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Family Law Mediation

You and your former spouse have just finished divorce proceedings. Thankfully, while there was stress at times, there were relatively few disagreements. 

In this situation, many former spouses go their separate ways and rebuild their lives. For parents, it’s not as straightforward as this. Other than in extreme circumstances, the family court generally prefers both parents to play an active role in bringing up their children. 

This means that you’re going to have to stay involved with your ex in the form of becoming a co-parenting team. It will be beneficial for everyone if the two of you can do this amicably. Outlined below are a few tips to help keep arguments with your co-parent to a minimum

Stick to the custody agreement 

Perhaps you and your co-parent were able to come up with a custody schedule on your own. If not, the court will have produced one based on the best interest of the child. In any case, these agreements are legally binding. 

Both you and your co-parent must stick to them. When either parent displays a repeated pattern of disregarding the custody agreement, disputes are bound to arise.

Be willing to compromise 

Fundamentally, you and your co-parent should agree on the key principles surrounding your child’s welfare. For instance, you should be on the same page about how they are schooled, what type of medical treatment they receive and what sort of cultural/religious upbringing they should receive. 

That being said, there are going to be times when you and your co-parent have a difference of opinion. For instance, your co-parent may be more strict when it comes to homework schedules. Just because you have different approaches, this doesn’t mean that either of you is wrong. A bit of leeway and compromise can go a long way in preventing co-parenting disputes. 

If you and your co-parent are able to show a united front post-divorce, then your kids will reap the benefits. At each stage of the divorce process, be sure to have legal guidance behind you.