Community-Minded Attorneys Committed To Quality Legal Representation

Local attorneys Michael L. "Mike" Everett and Tyler Everett combine their skills, advocacy and dedication to effectively serve clients in southern Washington.

With over 60 years of blended experience, their diverse backgrounds allow them to accurately identify client issues and develop appropriate, cost-effective solutions. They are lawyers who are ready to address their clients' litigation needs, protecting their best interests as they navigate the court system.

They understand the difficult situations clients may be facing and strive to remain attentive, supportive and available to answer questions along the way.

Everett Law Offices provides honest case evaluations so clients can proceed with reasonable expectations at every stage when resolving their legal issue.

Mike and Tyler are dedicated to serving the people in Eastern Washington. This father and son legal team is focused on families and community, having been born and raised in the Yakima Valley.

They're small enough to make sure that every single client is important but have argued in front of the State Supreme Court and had a hand in changing state law.

Mike was a municipal judge and continues to serve in his elected position as a Grandview City Council member.

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We Work As A Team To Fully Support Our Clients

Founded in 1975 as a general practice law firm by Mike Everett, the attorneys and staff at Everett Law Offices work as a team to ensure that each client has the support of the entire firm.

Matching the attorney and staff best suited to handling each client's case based upon the needs of that individual client ensures every client gets the best representation possible.

The firm was originally anchored on the needs of the people in Mike's local farming community and primarily addressed the family needs of his friends and neighbors.

Everett Law Offices has since grown to include consumer bankruptcy, criminal defense and the full scope of family law, including military divorces, child custody, child support, visitation, and establishing paternity and parentage.

Everett Law Offices serves Kennewick, Grandview and Yakima. Email or call to arrange a private consultation at 866-689-6251.

Se habla español.